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European Nitrogen Assessment (ENA)

European Nitrogen Assessment

As the major outcome of the ESF Nitrogen in Europe (or NinE) programme, the European Nitrogen Assessment (ENA in short) addresses current nitrogen issues, the cascade effects and the interactions and feedbacks. The ENA provides valuable insight for governments and other stakeholders in thebalance between the benefits of fixed nitrogen to society, against the different adverse effects of excess nitrogen in the environment.

Structure of the ENA

The ENA represents a process of scientific and policy synthesis that will provide a major review of the role of excess nitrogen on environmental problems. Based on analysis of the problems and interactions, the review explores the potential to establish integrated solutions and better communicate the implications to society.

The ENA report consists of 5 major Sections, with 26 chapters. Each chapter is written by leading international experts, comprising of Lead and Contributing Authors. Under the editorship of the Coordination Team, each chapter was submitted to international peer review.

The ENA process has contributed to bringing the different research and policy communities together, enabling the last chapters to be more synthetic across scales and issues. As a general approach workshops funded through NinE were used to develop groups of chapters. Relevant international experts were invited by the Coordination Team to lead the preparation of background documents, which were presented to these workshops.

More information about the ENA

All the book chapters can be downloaded from this site, as well as supplementary material to the chapters. Please click on the Book Cover to get to the chapters.