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Workshop: "Integrated Budgeting of nitrogen fluxes in regional watersheds"

From January 14th to 16th 2007 an ESF workshop called "Integrated Budgeting of nitrogen fluxes in regional watersheds: Linking atmospheric, terrestrial, aquatic and coastal interactions" was organised in Paris (France).

The objective of the workshop is to compare the nitrogen budget of well documented large regional watersheds (>5000 km2) from Europe and other parts of the world, differing in their rate of NANI and in their climatic/ hydrological regimes. For each of these systems, NANI will be estimated at the basin scale from available measurements or statistical sources, as well as landscape storage or denitrification, in-stream retention, riverine export and food and feed export. When possible, local, country based and/or global data bases will be used comparatively in order to establish the NANI budgets.

Prior to the meeting, participants are expected to gather their watershed data bases according to a common format, in order to achieve comparisons (e.g. inter-basin, inter-countries, inter-climatic zone, etc.) under a standardized procedure.

For more information about this workshop, please contact: Dr. Josette Garnier, CNRS, Paris - Josette.Garnier@ccr.jussieu.f

Scoping Workshop "Nitrogen in Europe"

In the beginning of January (11-12) a workshop will be organized in the Netherlands, forming the basis for the later NinE integrated assessment of the European nitrogen problems. It is a scoping workshop to focus attention on what is needed for a full NinE assessment based on overviews of our current scientific understandings.

The workshop will be a mixture of plenary sessions, where invited speakers will give presentations and parallel session where there is an opportunity for in depth discussion on the different relevant topics. It will be a focused workshop of around 30 people (10 NinE MC, 20 invitees) and will be hosted in Schagen (in the northwest of the Netherlands).